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Ghillie Suit

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The "FIRST" Ghillie Suit Made
for the Serious Archer

A ghillie suit, or yowie suit, is a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. Typically, it is a net or cloth garment covered in loose strips of cloth or twine, sometimes even made to look like leaves and twigs. Hunters may wear a ghillie suit to blend into their surroundings when they feel it is important for them to camouflage and hide themselves from their game. The suit gives the wearer's outline a three-dimensional breakup, rather than a linear one.

-- Inside liner is a Camouflage No-See-Um bug proof fabric.
-- Nylon netting sewn on the outside, then our Synthetic thread is attached, this allows you to add vegetation to blend into your local surroundings.
-- Elastic sewn in to the pants for comfort and added bug-proofing, Plus Belt Loops!.
-- Cord-locks on the jacket sleeves, and pant cuffs.
-- Velcro secured flap covers the zipper for extra security.
-- Water-proof Synthetic thread, Fire-retardant, Rot-proof , Mildew resistant , Washable, Odor-less & Non- allergenic.
-- Complete Jacket & Pants weight (Medium = 3.75 lbs.) .

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