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F.A.Q.-Razorring Broadheads



Do Razorring broadheads fly like a field tip?
All fixed bladed broadheads have more exposed surface area. Some drop in arrow flight is expected. The closer your bow is to being centershot, the closer to field tip impact.

Do Razorring broadheads fly like other fixed blade broadheads?
Yes, arrow flight and impact are equal.

How does the ring help arrow flight?
The ring is a blade and does not impede arrow flight.

Does the ring stop penetration?
No, the ring cuts an 11/16" round hole eleminating drag on the arrow shaft creating a 20 gage shotgun slug-type wound channel.

Is the ring stopped by bone?
No, the conical tempered tool steel tip is a bone splintering tip. The ring cuts those splinters off allowing the arrow to pass through.

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