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F.A.Q.-Centerfire Arrowrest



Will the Centerfire arrowrest fit on all bows?
Yes, whether cable slide or rollers are used, the Centerfire arrowrest will fit most cam bows on the market today. It is precision machined to center your arrow in perfect form EVERY time your bow is drawn, even if you shoot on an angle.

What advantages are there in using the Centerfire arrowrest?

  • Consistency of arrow departure.
  • Draw your bow from any position and every arrow is brought to the same true centerline allowing the archer one less thing to think about.
  • Shoot any spline arrow, any fletch, or vane configuration(1.5" inside clearance).
  • Total arrow containment - Nock it on the string and forget about it.
  • Greater number of bullseye and kill shots.
  • Installation and setup is easy and quick requiring no special tools.

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