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F.A.Q.- E-Z Cocker/Uncocker



Will the E-Z Cocker/Uncocker work on ALL crossbows?

Yes, it will work on ALL crossbows having a 13" - 18" power stroke.

How difficult is the E-Z Cocker/Uncocker to use?

  • It can be cocked/uncocked while sitting in a tree stand with deer in view without making a sound.
  • It is great for that second harvest.
  • It is powered by a CO-2 cylinder. No CO-2 is required to uncock the crossbow.

E-Z Cocker/Uncocker CO-2 Cylinders
12 gram, 16 gram or 25 gram cylinders can be used.
For example, a 12 gram cylinder will cock a 175 lb crossbow with a 16" power stroke twice.

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