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E-Z Cocker/Uncocker™



The E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™ allows the disabled archer to COCK and UNCOCK a crossbow on his/her own without physically overpowering the crossbow. Simply set the E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™ on the crossbow and close the “quick acting clamp”. Push the “red” tab on the CO2 charger, your crossbow is loaded. Then remove the E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™, set an arrow in place and you are ready to shoot. When you are finished, remove the arrow, set the E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™, back on your crossbow, slide the string shoe guide back against the bowstring and fire the crossbow. The E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™ (BAP140) is universally designed to be used with all major crossbows currently manufactured. The E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™ weighs under two (2) lbs. and operates silently.

The picture on the right shows the E-Z COCKER/UNCOCKER™ mounted on the crossbow in the ready to cock position.

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