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Centerfire™ Arrowrest


The CenterFire™ Arrowrest
Get More Accuracy
Get More Kills…Guaranteed!

Shoot any spline arrow, any fletch, or vane configuration. Draw your bow from any position. Every arrow is brought to the same true centerline. Shoot different spline arrows without changing the arrowrest setup. The elliptic ring automatically centers every arrow as the bow is drawn. When bowstring is released the CenterFire™ Arrowrest quickly “tilts away” allowing for unrestricted pass through the ring allowing consistency of arrow departure that results in tighter shot patterns and arrow higher speeds.

RESULTS: A greater number of bullseye and kill shots. Requires no special tools to set the rest up, is right or left handed and is universally designed to mount on all bows using cable slides or cable rollers.

Unlike any other arrow rest ever made, the CenterFire™ Arrowrest is precision machined to center your arrow in perfect form every time your bow is drawn, even if you shoot on an angle. Easy to attach to most bows, it will improve your accuracy from the very first shot. Bore sited just like a rifle. The perfect gift for the serious bow hunter.

Only $69.95 Buy Two (One For A Friend) for Only $129.95 saving $10.00

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